What to do with fish when going on holiday

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I recently went on holiday for a week to another country and when booking your vacation you might not necessarily take into consideration what you are going to be doing with your fish throughout your holiday.



Below are a few options and ideas for you to consider:


Of course that’s correct – absolutely nothing. Depending on the period of time you are planning on leaving behind the fish without providing them with food and the type of fish you have it is possible to simply leave them with no food throughout your departure. If you keep plecs which will eat on gravel and rocks, provided that you have sufficient lighting to promote algae development in the aquarium then leaving them for a week or Two could be an option.

Automatic Fish Feeder
automatic fish feeder
You can find automated fish feeders in any aquarium shop which are usually powered by batteries. These are set on a timer and can dispense food in to the fish tank a couple of times each day. There are numerous automatic fish feeders available on the market and they all have their merits. It is a wise decision to make sure, if it is under a lid for instance that the moisture build-up or condensation doesn’t get to the food and block up the mechanism. Some fish feeders may have the option to plug an airline and air pump in, to make sure there is always fresh air pumped directly into them to avoid any blocking up.

Friendly Neighbour

Recommended as long as your pleasant neighbour is trusted and possesses experience with fish keeping. Without this understanding they might think that the fish swimming anxiously up and down the glass is them being still hungry and over feed them. It is usually far better to under feed than over feed tropical fish.

Holiday feeding block
Fish Holiday Block
Not the ideal answer however you can get a holiday feeding block which consists of densely packed food all of which will distribute food over a period of time. These aren’t ideal as a result of only being suitable for a small quantity of fish all of which will often get consumed very early on in the time period you are away, which means you run the risk of the fish gorging which can cause bloat and over feeding.

Local Aquarium Shop

If you get on very well with the people within your nearby fish store and are planning a getaway of longer than a few weeks then they could possibly rent you a sump or even holiday tank to you. The price of this choice is all down to the Aquarium store’s policy, nevertheless, you can be certain they are going to understand how much and when to feed. You need to take into account the stress your fish may come across with this and therefore wouldn’t advise carrying this out if you’re away for under Two weeks.

Overall there are several options but it does depend upon the type and volume of fish you keep and time period of your holiday. Should you take into account that in the wild, fish wouldn’t possess a set meal time each day and will frequently go for a while without eating. If we take mouth brooding cichlids for example, when they’re carrying, they most likely won’t eat for Thirty days and although they might appear a little thin over this time, it is a very long time so 7-14 days almost certainly probably will not be an issue.

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