How To Best Fill Up Your Fish Tank As A Starter

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Aquariums are available in just about all sizes and shapes – from uncomplicated unheated tanks for coldwater fish such as goldfish and orandas in coldwater fish tanks to heated aquariums for fresh water tropical varieties (like tetras and guppies).

You will require heating, lighting along with a filter to help keep the water thoroughly clean, fresh water tropical aquariums are easy to preserveparticularly if you opt for a “community tank” strategy. This simply means selecting a choice of tolerant, peaceable species of fish that prosper in the same aquarium circumstances. With the right mixture of fish, you are able to build up a community of fish in different colours and sizes that will live happily together.

Allow me to share five different types of tropical fish for beginners:

Neon tetra
Vibrant and beautiful, this very small glowing blue and red fish can swim throughout the higher levels of the aquarium and is most joyful in groups of 6 or more. With its sparkling “neon” effect, this kind of tetra is essential for every new aquarium tank.
1.5cm long

Zebra danio
An energetic, fast-swimming fish which is stunning to watch and easy to look after. Its blue and silver body shimmers when under light, and also it adjusts very easily to different water conditions. Start out with a group of five to six.
3cm long

This particular relaxing fish is healthy as well as simple to take care of. Aim for small groups of 4 or 5, and introduce a good amount of leafy plants for your mollies to hide amongst. Preferred types consist of black mollies as well as dalmation mollies. These kinds of fish are livebearers and definately will easily breed if males and females are kept collectively.
5cm long

A vibrant, medium-sized species of fish that adjusts effortlessly to the majority of aquariums. The swordtail is really a quick swimmer along with an accomplished jumper, additionally it prefers to reside in small groups of 4 or even more. These are also livebearers, although not as productive at reproduction as mollies and platies.
7cm long

Dwarf gourami
blue dwarf gourami
The beautiful gourami features a wonderful form along with a slow, mesmerising swimming type. The male is brilliantly colored with an iridescent shine, additionally, the female is silvery-blue. Dwark gourami’s are best kept as a male/female pair, or perhaps a male plus 2 females.
4cm long

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